Sunday, 13 February 2011

Save it for a rainy day

So my catching up on things, my getting back to work attitude, took a little longer than I imagined.

Sorry that I've been abit absent of late, I just didn't realise the weeks go by.

But I have managed to make head way in a few areas of my life.

As I said before I am a student, a Ph.D. student in fact. A scary idea, one thing I never imagined I would be doing. I have always had a natural love for learning and the human body. I am amazed at how it works and functions and have complete admiration for these wonderful beings that we are.

My other love is how to maintain this body to as close to perfect as can be. This being makes us who we are and creates everything we do. I want to help and work with my body, the way it was designed to do, to nourish and feed it what it needs and to be able to push it to its limits and strengthen every part to be better.

This is a tough task...

But actually only recently, and even writing this now I realise that the body is the centre of my interests and daily life. Not in a narcissistic kind of way, but in a sense that my body does everything for me, if I want to life my life, go out there and do the things I want to do, I need my body to be able to do this.

This brings together the key elements of my daily life, my job as such is for now being a student, studying about the body and what happens in disease. I practice Ashtanga yoga, a complete system for giving your body everything it could ever need, a way to purify and strengthen beyond any limit you ever imagined. This is my grounding and my way of taking care of my body, like giving my body a hug and saying I'm here, I'm looking after you and I believe you can do this. And then there is food.. this wonderful way of nourishing and providing your body with what it needs to keep going and to recover. This is giving your body a kiss, a treat and rewards for its work.

Since moving here to Lisbon, these three elements have gently coaxed my life into what it is becoming now. Quite unconsciously they began to work their way into my everyday life and find their own place and purpose. And now I'm becoming quite content to let them steer me on my path.

Of course this is the ultimate goal in many peoples lives, the balance of each of our elements, work, life, children, friends, whatever they may be.

For me often at times one of them reins king and takes over, ie. when a paper is due and my life is suddenly all about science (blah) or when all I want to do is sit at home and bake and eat chocolate... And then be in a state of guilt for hours over not working enough, not doing my practice that day, eating a whole box of chocolate cereal... (seriously did that this week).

I think just acknowledging that at this moment your focus has to be on one of them and letting your body dictate what it needs, to stop and listen to this and give your body what it needs, is the hardest thing of all.


For the last month or so my elements have risen and fallen and steered me into new and exciting projects, hence my absense.

Work wise I am now writing and have to seriously focus my attention here...
Yoga wise, I have been given an amazing opportunity from my teacher that I am developing and building upon...
Food wise, I've just eaten more chocolate cake...

It's all in the balance and I can't wait to see what's to come.

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