Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back to Work

I've spent the past few weeks catching up on reading and seeing what everyone out there is up to in this new year.
For me it's a time to get working and organise my things, and a month of writing... With hopefully a lot of joy behind it.

Our New Years Eve was nice, a dinner with friends at home and watching the fireworks a midnight over the sea.

I began the year with baking myself a good stash of Molly's Granola, also favoured by David Lebovitz, adding a few adaptations to it to suit my tastes.

 I like to add more apple puree than suggested in the recipe, also because I tend to make a good batch and need more, but also for the extra crunch I find it gives the flakes. I also tend to add not just oats but other cereals or grains. Ones I like is Amaranth - a long past ancient grain apparently, and one of the only ones to be made up almost entirely of protein. So it's not like I'm carb-loading my granola either!

I add in also some rice puffs and flakes of quinoa if I have them on hand, and they also add some great nutrition and nuttiness to the granola.
Being health conscious of the thing I'm going to eat every morning, I dont pack it full with sugar. Instead I've added guava syrup in the past and found that its natural sweetness and goodness makes me feel not too guilty if I end up snacking on this late afternoon...

It's best served, in my book with soya yogurt. Naturally abit off-tasting (a real selling point!) and takes abit of getting used to, but with granola I think its perfect. I also like to stir mine together the night before and let the flavours of the granola seep into the yogurt and mingle everything. Fair enough you do lose the crunch, but the flakes and rice puffs all soak up the goodness and I love it, I know it's abit hippy style and swedish maybe to do this the night before, but it works for me!


Just an added note for the things I've been loving reading lately to welcome in the new year...

Coco&Kelley indulgent looks and a lifestyle I want!
Red Magazine Online a brilliant magazine that's only published in the UK but can be shipped to Europe. They have set up their new website and is easily somewhere I can spend hours...
Guruji - Ashtanga Yoga a wonderful book I received for Christmas.
SmittenKitchen wanting to bake everything with this amazing woman!

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