Although I am not a chef, or a dedicated baker, I am amoungst those who take great delight in cooking and cooking for my family and friends.

I grew up cooking with my mum, our cooking day was a Sunday and involved anything from scones to biscuits to cakes, and then later as a grew up helping with the family dinner.

Today I enjoy all types of cooking - but I think I have a soft spot for baking...
And whenever I cook for friends and family, the things remembered are generally my baked goods.

I know that baking is a science (I am a science student after all...) but for me the science of 1 of this, 1 of that, 2 eggs etc doesn't scare or put me off experimenting. The little additions of cinnamon into warmed chocolate puddings doesn't tip me over the dried to wet ingredients scale. If you feel it's right to add it, and you can imagine the taste of it, then try it!

Cooking is above all about love. About nourishment and about bringing together simple, wholesome ingredients and making them into something truly delicious. And feeding your family and friends is the added bonus.

This blog as such is not a complete cooking blog like the many wonderful ones out there in the web world. Each post will not necessarily feature a recipe or be food related, but as food is such an integral part of my daily life, I find it is always on my mind and in my heart and so I will post the recipes that I love and the ones that I choose from the wonderful arrays I read.

For an extensive list of the cooking blogs I highly recommend, please see my Daily Reads list.

I hope that you enjoy the selections that I feature and the ones of my own that I include.

Happy cooking and reading!

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