Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sunshine Friends

The last few weeks the weather has warmed up enough for t-shirts, walks on the beach and picnics in the park.

(Jardim de Estrela, Lisbon)

I was introduced to the beautiful park, pictured above, that nestles into the busy, hilly streets of Lisbon city centre. Once I was inside I realised how much I'd missed the parks from where I lived in England.
I remember saying once to N that I imagined them getting really busy in the summer, and he replied, "Well yeah, but then everyone goes to the beach?" Obviously...

But being still somewhat from the countryside, vast, open, green spaces are what I like best, and what I've gotten used to as my weekend jaunt.

Don't get me wrong, I love to walk by the sea but still being on top of a hill, looking out over open space and feeling the chilly wind is a wonderfully free feeling.

(Stanage Edge, Peak District)


A world away from there, I am here in Lisbon and have been catching up with friends.
I really am lucky to have met such a wonderful group of people here.

Often most weekends, I'm a bit peopled out from the week and like to relax at home. But for the past month, un-planned, we had every weekend busy with friends, and even though I'm pretty tired now, I loved being reminded of how special friends are, and how much they make our lives what they are.


For one occasion, I attempted to make Paratha.

I love Indian food, as I think a lot of English people do, we have so many great Indian restaurants!
I've tried tortillas in the past and baking bread and now after reading a few blog posts on Indian bread, wanted to try.

As Indian food can need a few extra ingredients...  And generally a long generation of teachings pasted down through family and daughters.. and practice.. I knew I could use a helpful and step-by-step guide to make the breads.

I so far trust one Indian blog out there... eCurry, I seriously wish I lived with this woman and could learn all the amazing food she cooks.
And having remembered reading a post a while back with Spiced lentil stuffed Paratha and wanting to make them, I opted first on a simpler version of Mixed Flour and root Vegetable Paratha.

They don't look as perfect/circular, from my untrained hands..
But tasted delicious.

The ingredients list is alittle long, but each element can be tasted and stands well against all the rest. And although it calls for 4-5 garlic cloves, they are truly worth it and add a wonderful heat, as well as flavour to the dough.

We loved them so much that I baked a second batch on sunday and ate them simply with the side dish below.

I hope you enjoyed your weekends, and had a hint of heat and good friends to share it with!

Mixed Flour Paratha with root Vegetables
Barely adapted from eCurry

I won't re-write the recipe, as Soma does it so well there.

My notes:
- My only addition was the grated beetroot - 2 cups, add alittle more flour if needed (as stated).
- And I omitted the second time the flaxseeds as I didn't have the means to ground them, but would of included them if I could.
- The addition of the yogurt make my dough more wet and more 'doughy'. Without it, they were abit more like a thin vegetable crisp pancake.
                     ..both went down well !

Side: Chickpeas with coconut
From Indian Simmer, a lovely, vibrant blog, again with delicious Indian food. 

My notes:
- I actually served the spiced coconut on top of plain yogurt, as a dip for the paratha.
Let the coconut mixture cool alittle to begin with.

It is also so moreish with the chickpeas, as in the recipe...

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