Thursday, 30 December 2010

Home Again

(A beautiful picture taken by a friend)

Christmas in England was snowy and cold.

Filled with lots of Cadburys fingers and boxes of biscuits and chocolates.

It was a time for catching up with friends, walking in the snow and stopping for flasks of tea on the way.

It was spent with family, laughing, and with memories of those who could not be with us.

It is a sad time for my family, but the love and togetherness we give to each other will help us through.


I am now back at home in Lisbon, slightly chillier in my non-central heated apartment but warmer with the love from those close around me here.

We are fortunate to be well stocked with wine and liquor for our New Year's Eve party tomorrow, it will be a time to ring in the new year and to make new beginnings for those of us.

Happy New Year to you all!!
I wish that 2011 brings all that we hope for!

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