Tuesday, 21 December 2010


There is snow in England. Alot.

I hope I can fly tomorrow back to the UK. Although I will be going from +16C to -6C, and I might freeze, I really can't wait!

I have bought my goodies to take home for presents...

And if you've ever visited Lisbon, you'll be sure to know this famous name.

I've picked up a box of the world famous pasteis de nata, and another of my Dad's favourites...

Pao de deus. A sweet bread, topped with coconut. They are often served simple, plain, or with cheese. Perfect with a long coffee.

I only hope they all survive the haul to UK.

Along with a few choice cheeses...

Please, please let's hope the snow stays away and I can get back without too much delay.

Merry Christmas! And happy travels to those traveling back home, also with goodies and treats!

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