Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Cookies and Chocolate

I think most people are out there now, baking cookies.

And I am about the join the list, in a few days that is. Sorry for the suspension.

I am still researching which to make, but I think I've found the ones that promise to be THE best, the most amazing and seriously worthy of World domination...

The World Peace Cookie.

As previously written about here (great blog I recently discovered, love that!) and here (one of my favourite go to recipe people).

I am just dying to make them.

Sneak preview...
All copyright to CafeFernando

I am also waiting for those days when all you want is chocolate.
To eat it, devour it, bathe in it...

You know those days.

Because until I feel like that, I think baking these cookies and not thoroughly wanting to wolf down the whole rack is abit of a waste.

You see, I'm not an 'eat chocolate everyday' sort of girl. I prefer to wait till that feeling 'must eat chocolate now' comes on and when it's all I want. And eat ridiculously large amounts of it.

Have I just admitted I am one of the worst kind... A binger?

Which I did with these. The first time I baked them, I resisted eating any as I was making them to take to a friends get together. Silly me... I should of tried their gorgeousness there and then, and saved a good lot to keep at home. Bad me.

And since then, I get requests to make these and get pleads for the recipe by anyone who tries them.

So these World Peace things have got ALOT to live up to.


I'll be back in a few days with the report. And in the mean time, if there are any other cookie recipes you think are worth giving a try this time of year, please let me know.

I am still drooling over a recipe for Stollen that I just read here...

All in the name of research and Christmas, hard life!

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