Tuesday, 30 November 2010

5 minutes to Chocolate


Chocolate cake, made and baked in 10 minutes.

No joke!

And gooooood.

Not the most exciting picture to make you drop everything and go bake it! But, seriously THE easiest chocolate cake in the world to make.

My boyfriend's work colleague gave him the recipe to give me. I've had it on the shelf for a few weeks,  and on sunday when deciding what birthday to cake to make for his mum, he remembered this and said how amazing this cake is, and how easy it was to make - having tasted it again at work on friday. This cake had been made by his colleague, twice in 2 weeks, I think at their request. And seeing as they're only 4 of them in their work... that's alot of cake for each of them!

It all starts with 2 packets of chocolate powder. I was abit weary of the recipe, no real chocolate at all, and 2 packets of chocolate powder. I initially asked how much in weight of chocolate powder does the recipe need, and was told "two"of these bags pictures above.

That's 250g of chocolate powder... ??

... Can I use cocoa powder instead I asked?


Here you can buy cocoa powder (cacao powder as its translated), with no sugar or flavourings added. Which is what i use when a recipe calls for cocoa powder. But i was told that I needed to use the chocolate powder in this recipe, which contains sugar and vanilla flavourings. (See chocolate powder note in recipe). I'm not a huge fan of using products with added extras, especially that are already in the recipe to begin with.

The recipe calls for all the ingredients being added together, mixed and poured into the dish. It comes together like a chocolate mousse almost consistency, but thinner. And I was abit dubious about just adding them all in together. As I was cooking it in the microwave (I know!!) I didn't worry too much, but I couldn't help but wonder, does a cake taste better if its properly constructed ie. cream butter and sugar first, add in 1 egg at a time with a spoon of flour to stop curdling...
Has anyone out there been a rebel and made a cake the 'wrong' way and it turned out strange?...

So once its all in the dish, I put it on for 5 minutes first, and then it so didn't look ready so I did an extra 2, then 2 more...

The recipe said 5-7 minutes. I did mine 9. I mean its hard to know exactly how many minutes to do it, microwaves vary etc etc and as I've never seen the cake cooked before, i was working off of my boyfriends "It's meant to be moussey in the middle" description.

Moussey it wasn't but brownie like it was.

So I'm guessing 6-7 minutes would of made it moussey. But i liked it the way it came out, and I'm not a huge fan of over liquidy chocolate cakes, it can get abit sickly after abit.

But I highly recommend giving it a whirl in your microwave...

And from 5 minutes onwards, give it as many extra minutes you like to make it as moussey and you want. But no more than 8-9 max I would say!

Microwave Chocolate Cake 
Chocolate powder: As the recipe calls for 250g - I know this is excessive, and especially as cocoa powder isn't cheap, you could use drinking chocolate I imagine. I did enjoy the deep chocolate taste, but found it alittle powdery. I am hoping to try this recipe again but with abit of tweaking and trying either cocoa instead or a mix of real chocolate. Any ideas and comments welcome please!

2 packs of chocolate powder (250g)
4 eggs
1 cup oil/melted butter - I used melted margarine
1 cup warm milk
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Plain flour

Combine all the ingredient together in a large mixing bowl (whichever order you like...).

Pour into a deep, greased microwaveable dish. I used an oval large oven dish.

Bake on high for 5-7 minutes. Check every minute after the inital 5. I recommend inserting a cocktail stick into the middle after each extra minute to check if its done to your liking:
- still wet = 1 min more.
- set but sticky = mousse like.
- clean = cakey texture and definitely done.

Great served hot/warm with vanilla icecream.

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