Friday, 26 November 2010

Autumn to Winter

From yesturday, suddenly its winter.

Its dropped to 8-10C here in Lisbon, which for us is cold, freezing.

Especially since days before this, it's been 16-18C most days.

Ok, its not freezing.

But i must admit i was abit envious when I heard there is snow in England now.

I am happy for the new crisp air, though abit sad to lose these colours again till next year...

We don't have the beautiful colours of autumn like England.

But enjoying a little bite in the air now and clear blue skies will bring the end of the year to a close quite nicely.

And also today whilst out shopping, I discovered a brand that makes granola with chestnut flakes and pieces in it... totally lessened the pinch of the temperature change!

Make sure you keep wrapped up and warm this weekend!
Happy weekend.

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