Friday, 21 October 2011

Sweet Love

I have been thinking about this post for a long time.
I don't always imagine the title of my writing beforehand, but this one I knew. With my heart.

After a hard month making decisions and spending my emotions, I was ready to smile at others and wish love and happiness to those close to me.

The perfect beginning for me, and for her, was my close friends wedding. With our names embroidered into her dress and our hearts glowing for her, we prepared her for her journey into the world, joining together her sweet love to that of her even sweetest husband.

The wedding was everything that she is, that they are... Sweet, beautiful, kind and happy. As we toasted our glasses overlooking the river Tejo, and smiled to our close friends over the candle lit dinner, I smiled and knew my heart was open for love and happiness, and contentment again.

Love has so many different forms, and is most beautiful when we just let it happen. There are no boundaries, no limits, no right or wrong. Our hearts are here to keep us alive, to open and give ourselves to others and to share and hold others within it.

These past few weeks, I have met love on many different levels. The love and strength of those who move away together to begin a new journey. The love of a parent, who's heart breaks when we leave, but who know that a part of their heart is always within us. The love of one's work and commitment in reaching their dream. The love we share and give to our friends, who build us and help guide us in life. The love we share and gain from our teacher, who shows us the way and helps us be who we are destined to be. And the love of those who we choose to give our hearts to, who lives we inter-twine with our own.

Love has no limits and one type is no more precious than another. Every one of them makes us who we are.

This week we have been taught to open our hearts to love. To accept ourselves and others and give our love and emotions to them.
Love is strong and takes us for many rides. We can not hinder it but neither should we hard upon it. Love should be true and honest.


Tonight we will give our hearts to a very special ceremony. Many of my loves will be there in that room, and my heart can barely settle in the preparations.

Our love is unique, special to each one of us. What my heart beats for will be different to another's. But listening to it and allowing it's rhythm to guide us, will lead us to where we should be.


The sweetness of Love

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