Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Holiday treats

We recently returned back from a truly relaxing time spent in the Algarve.

It felt like we were there for weeks instead of the one. And even though we just hopped in the car and drove there, (N drove, I slept...) it felt as though we had crossed an ocean and traveled to a wonderful far off country.
A country where there is no thinking beyond 'Shall we have another cake?' and no life queries except where to have breakfast/dinner.

I know we are very lucky to live now close to the beach. But on holiday, the beaches are different, walking along them feels different, you feel different.

Even though I'm pretty saw I've returned a few pounds heavy... my mind is definitely a lot lighter.

There is something so special about the beach in the late evening. Catching the last few warm minutes as the evening breeze drifts in shifting your mind, arousing you to dinner.
We caught as many of these moments as we could, before marking the page in our books and heading off for the night.


If you ever venture to Armacao de Pera, please locate the ice-cream parlors..

There are two great ones, Pai Pinguim (Father Penguin) and VitaMilk.

I am not a fan of shop bought ice-cream when it melts too fast and is full of god knows what.
But true, thick, rich and indulgent Italian ice-cream is the perfect way to end dinner and wander around with on the cobbled streets, in the warm evening nights. 

We couldn't believe our eyes (and taste buds) when we saw:
- Ferrero Roche, brownie, profiterole, Snickers and Pastel de Nata ice-cream flavours...

.. yes Pastel de Nata, the famous Portuguese custard tarts, whipped up and captured perfectly in your ice-cream cone, plaited with yellowy sweet egg.

By far the best for me was Snickers. 

It was the real bar there and then, with ribbons of caramel and toasted peanuts. The non-UK friends of ours had never heard of Snickers but dived back for more! Peanutty perfection.


I am now suffering sugar withdrawal symptoms (as you can imagine) and am bringing myself out of my sugar/salt coma and back into daily life and practice... slowly.

My body is now thankfully yearning for greens and goodness and I am happy to oblige and obey.

But in the back of my mind is peanuts and smoothness and creaminess... I am on the hunt for a healthy alternative to share here.

Happy holidays/return to work!

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