Sunday, 17 July 2011

Monthly Favourites List

Dear All,

I have been cooking and have lots to share with you! But have little time to spend writing here, (my time is now being spent writing for something(s) else - very important!

So I thought I would do as I often see in other peoples blogs, a Favourites List.

As I daily read/browse through pics of other blogs,  I often see things I'd love to share with other people, but realise they probably won't know of such blog.
And I myself have discovered endless amazing blogs / pictures / info / designs etc through other bloggers Favourites list.

So I'm adding this to my monthly diary for here!
For this month I have included links to features in other blogs but in the future would also like to add other things that are favourites for that month too.

Hope you enjoy...

** Favourite's List **

* I am slightly obsessed and want to meet in person this person
* From said person, I have made this and this and please, please go and make the first one NOW! (N ate this and loved it.. enough said!)
* I want to write a post comparing my discovery of the ultimate brownie and the raw brownie
* I could happily spend an afternoon reading here, imagining I lead a completely chic life and need to plan menus / parties endlessly! 
* I love picture browsing here, and discovering how hungry I am, along with other things!
* Dream of traveling around Italy, as did she, and relaxing and enjoying the summer sun and Italian fashion and food.
* And imagine one day to be visiting here (or close by).


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