Sunday, 14 November 2010

What weekends are made for

I don't know about you, but i love a weekend every now and again, where i just get organised.

I scrubbed my kitchen, cleaned the house top to toe and did the things ive needed to do for ages. Boring, but necessary...

I treated myself, and partner to a special dinner for two last night. Rather than saving an indulgent meal to share with friends, i made our favourite and a special dessert to follow.

It was one id saved to do one day, as it had promised to tame, and keep the man of your dreams close by. And i felt my man (and me) needed a little sweetness.

Unfortunately i didn't take pictures, and we ate the leftovers today. But the recipe is from Joy the Baker, the funniest writer and baker. If she says something is worth baking, i do it. Seriously.

(From Joy the Baker) All copyrights to Joy! 
This apple crisp didn't disappoint either. Crunchy from the oats and sweet from the Muscovado sugar, spiced with cinammon and the softest of baked apples underneath. A perfect pudding to warm you up from this every looming winter weather, and a yummier way to eat all the apples around at the moment.

I hope you enjoy!

Sit and Stay a while Apple Crisp

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